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Kuhlman’s Koffee originated from New Orleans, Louisiana, however, following Hurricane Katrina we relocated to the Ozarks, near Springfield Missouri. We've been roasting beans featuring some wonderful origins of Specialty coffee that are 100% Arabica Coffee beans. Shipped to you the same day of roasting for fresh, rich, robust flavor.

We offer many single origin coffees and blends as well as our own espresso blend. 

Fresh Rich Flavor Delivered to Your Doorstep
Coffee connoisseurs everywhere love our roasted coffees! That’s because we roast only specialty grade arabica coffee beans sourced from specific coffee growing regions for consistent, rich flavor. By using only the highest quality coffee beans available and roasting them to perfection the same day we ship them to you, assures you are getting the best and freshest coffee possible.

 Uncommon Coffee
Our coffee isn’t even roasted until just before shipment, you will see the roasted on date in the lower left corner of the bag. The just roasted beans are sealed within bags to minimize flavor loss due to oxidation. We are truly artisan micro-roasters, using modern technology coupled with the traditional art of old world roasting. We hand pick only a few coffee origins at a time in order to concentrate on finding the peak roast profile of each coffee. Our coffees are usually in short supply so you might miss out on something really great, if you hesitate. 

Proper Brewing Methods

In order to capture all the flavor from your fresh roasted gourmet coffee, please read our instructions on how to brew and properly store your coffee. We recommend you purchase only small quantities, what you think you’ll use within 7 to 10 days, remembering to keep your beans whole and grind just prior to brewing.

Kuhlman's Coffee is a full 1-lb (16oz.) package. 
Most other coffee out in the market today is at best just 12 oz.

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